17 mars 2008

4 minutes to save the world

Les dj's du collectif Buffet Libre m'ont sollicité pour leur dernier mix consacré aux années 80 (époque fantasmée où les Marseillais savaient un peu mieux voter) en me demandant comme à d'autres blogueurs un titre dansant de cette décennie.
"Blue Monday" ou "Pump up the volume" s'imposaient mais au final le choix d'un titre moins connu l'a emporté avec le semi tube du meilleur (seul ?) groupe de punk-funk qu'Aberdeen ait jamais enfanté.

APB "Shoot you down"

Et comme le mix participatif de ces Espagnols (qui joueront à Paris à La Scala le 28 Mars) regorge de bien d'autres pépites à (re)découvrir, le voilà en deux parties.

Buffet Libre's
"Verbena Rewind 2" Part 1

- SHANNON ’Let The Music Play (12’’ version) ’ [Selected by BIG STEREO]
- MR. FLAGIO ’Take A Chance (Extended 12" Version)’ [Selected by THE LEMUR BLOG]
- STRAFE ’Set It Off’ [Selected by DISCOBELLE]
- ADONIS ’No Way Back (Vocal mix)’ [Selected by ELECTRIC ZOO]
- FLASH & THE PAN ’Midnight Man’ [Selected by MONDOSONORO]
- LIME ’Guilty Of Love (extended mix)’ [Selected by THE BEEB BLOG]
- HUMAN LEAGUE ’Don’t You Want Me’ [Selected by LEKTROLOGIK]
- SALT N PEPPA ’Push It’ [Selected by VERSUS]
- DEBBIE DEB ’Lookout Weekend’ [Selected by D SQUARED]
- KLAPTO ’Queen Of The Night’ [Selected by DISCO DUST]
- DEPECHE MODE ’My Secret Garden’ [Selected by GO MAGAZINE]
- INXS ’New Sensation’ [Selected by ELECTRORASH]
- APB ’Shoot You Down’ [Selected by PARDON MY FREEDOM]
- SNAKE CORPS ’This is Seagull’ [Selected by KLUBBERS]
- NICK KAMEN ’Promise Myself’ [Selected by PROYECTO BATIDORA]
- THE CURE ’Six Different Ways’ [Selected by RED THREAT]

Buffet Libre's "Verbena Rewind 2" Part 2

- DEAD OR ALIVE ’You Spin Me Round’ [Selected by SUPERLASER]
- PETE SHELLEY ’Homosapien’ [Selected by ROCK SELLOUT]
- PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED ’This Is Not A Love Song’ [Selected by GET WEIRD TURN PRO]
- GRAUZONE ’Eisbär’ [Selected by NEONIZED]
- PHIL COLLINS ’Easy Lover’ [Selected by MADRID ACID BOYS]
- CYNDI LAUPER ..She Bop (Special Dance Remix)’ [Selected by UNA PIEL DE ASTRACAN]
- MIRAGE ’Get Down’ [Selected by STREETKISS]
- DEEE-LITE ’Groove Is In The Heart’ [Selected by IHEARTCOMIX]
- HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS ’The Power Of Love’ [Selected by DISCO DELICIOUS]
- YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA ’Behinf The Mask’ [Selected by BADABIDI]
- FAST EDDIE ’I Can Dance’ [Selected by KIDZ BY COLETTE]
- SURVIVOR ’Eye Of The Tiger’ [Selected by PANDA TOES]
- BEASTIE BOYS ’Fight For Your Rights’ [Selected by SUPERNOVA POP]
- NEW ORDER ’Ceremony’ [Selected by CAUSE=TIME]

Here's a eighties mix made by Spanish dj's Buffet Libre who kindly asked bloggers from all over the world to pick a song for their selection.
My choice would have been "Blue monday" or "Pump up the volume" but I finally suggested "Shoot you down" from Scottish band APB, one of the best kept secrets of the post punk era.

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John William Davies a dit…

Good call. I remember buying the APB 7" in the local independent record shop after hearing it on John Peel.

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