09 août 2008

Ces petits riens

Few months ago Guzzbourg from Filles Sourires asked me to do a vintage mix with French songs from the 80's but sadly I didn't manage to get all my favorite tunes in time.

I didn't give up the idea though, and finally made this one with some additional 90's tracks, and found some cheesy videos too.

Bloggers around the world hype everyday about French electronic music, I've tried to do something different that can be heard as a rough guide to French new wave, punk and pop from big to obscure names.

I really hope you will enjoy wherever you are, and if you are a lot to download and comment, I'd definitely complete another one as there's a numerous other bands and songs I couldn't include this time.

MisterBlog's French mix

ETIENNE DAHO "Il ne dira pas"

Taken from his first lp produced by Marquis De Sade, you might know him for the Saint Etienne hit "He's on the phone", he's one of the most famous pop singers and maybe the only one that always get critical and mainstream success.

LES FILS DE JOIE "Adieu Paris"

This new wave band was from Toulouse and had this minor hit although lyrics are quite suicidal in 1983, recently re-issued on the excellent "Des Jeunes Gens Modernes" compilation.

LES FANATICS "La monnaie"

This absolutely stunning song reminds me of The Clash circa "Magnificent seven".
Don't understand why this punk band from Colombes didn't even release an album after that.

BIJOU "C'est un animal"

In the late 70's France wasn't ready for rock in French until Telephone and Trust breakthroughs.
Bijou were quite successful though, and even did some tracks with Gainsbourg like "Les papillons noirs".

LILI DROP "Sur ma mob"

I love the bouncing bassline and the backing vocals on this one.
A song about youth from an overshadowed trio whose drummer Enzo Enzo will have a sweet solo career few years after.

LES CALAMITES "Toutes les nuits"

These girls rocked like a very few French girl bands did, and are undirectly the main influence of acclaimed (well overseas at least) Plasticines.
They had a crossover hit called "Velomoteur" and then left the rock'n'roll circus way too early.

STRYCHNINE "Generation vaincue"

A kind of French "Blank generation" by one of the best bands ever coming from Bordeaux.

OLIVENSTEINS "Fier de ne rien faire"

Can be translated into "Proud to be a wanker", another brillant, essential French punk hymn.

BLESSED VIRGINS "Jean Pascal et la France"

Apparently this rock band was once big in Japan but remained quite a one-minor-hit-wonder here.

DIABOLOGUM "Les garçons ont toujours raison"

Often compared to Sonic Youth, they were one of the best indie acts of the 90's before splitting and having other projects like Experience and Programme.

CANDIE PRUNE "L'effet Eiffel"

Don't know much from this trio from Rennes except this incredible rrriot girl anthem that rocked my world in 1998.

ULTRA ORANGE "Little girl"

Before releasing a quite good garage rock album with actress Emmanuelle Seigner this duo was more in a Garbage vein with a little bit of electronic in their power pop.

JAD WIO "Le Beatnik de l'espace"

Frontman Denis Bortek might not be very huge but he has a very strong fanbase and is a kind of cult glam goth icon still touring small clubs.

OUI OUI "La ville"

They were one of the grooviest and smartest bands, but maybe too smart for mainstream.
Their videos were amazing too, directed by the band's drummer, none other that Michel Gondry.

JEAN FRANCOIS COEN "La tour de Pise"

Michel Gondry directed the video too.
A big romantic whisper song from former Modern Guy bassist.


File it under French Balearic, you might already know the remix Massive Attack did for this sublime track.

NOIR DESIR "Oublié" (Replicant mix)

This is our biggest band, they are powerful, melodic, poetic, but for some reason I never really enjoy their records except for this kind of trip hop rework that is still impressive.

PRUDENCE "A tort ou à raison"

I think I had already wrote this but alongside Camille, Armelle Pioline from Holden is my favorite female singer.
This magical song that can be found on a side-project is one of my favorite 00's French tracks so far.

8 commentaires:

Benoit a dit…

certains titres de ce mix me rappellent quelques souvenirs de mes 15 ans :)
ps : joli boulot !

dragibus a dit…

Les Blessed Virgins et J Pascal ne sont pas oubliés
merci pour mes 15 ans aussi

Fluo Glacial a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Old Skool

Emprunt eternel de vinyls a la Fnac

Next ... Allo le Monde
Ici Paris et sublime Marie

Le Rose Bonbon au Gibus
1980 Oct.
Concert dans le metro Pl.Nation
Taxi Girl et Ici paris .....
merci au Force de l Ordre pour leur participation.....!
Any way ..
Great Job


valery from Kazakhstan

Ludovic Bu a dit…

Ah ben non, Prudence n'est pas un side project d'Armelle Pioline, mais le main project de Joris Clerté, grand ami d'Olivier Libaux, l'autre moitié de Nouvelle Vague !

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