11 juillet 2006

Miami vice

Plus besoin de présenter ici la jeune Uffie.
Depuis mon post enthousiaste de Janvier, la protégée du dj Feadz a rencontré un joli succès underground avec son maxi "Pop the glock / Ready to uff" et fait le tour des blogs et aussi des clubs.
Ses premières apparitions scèniques sont pour l'instant loin d'avoir fait l'unanimité mais on surveillera quand même ses prochains faits discographiques avec une certaine curiosité doublée d'une réelle excitation.
Deux nouveaux morceaux à paraître sont dévoilés sur sa page, avec des ficelles similaires (ton monocorde et textes crus) et de bonnes idées de production, pleine de bleep et de scratches des plus jouissifs..

Uffie "Hot Chick"

Uffie "In charge"

Two new Uffie tracks several months after the already classic "Pop the glock / Ready to uff".
Scratches, bleeps, cold voice and dirty lyrics, well the formula remains the same but these songs are still promising, a little bit than her first unconvincing live appearances.

10 commentaires:

joe a dit…

Uffie really underwhelms me as a singer, its too bad because the beats are great!

Elle a dit…

uffie is the shit. Stop hatin'

Vince a dit…

The beats are the shit. I definately got a problem with the singer. She isn't ghetto. I don't believe she can assume lyrics like "I'm ready to suck". Too young, too little, looking too nice. Perhaps I'm wrong.

I will just wait to see her in a fully crowded ghetto show.

Trust a dit…

SO shut up Vince.

Reroignes a dit…

Why if you looking nice, you're not good ? ...pfff dirty ba*****..
You have a BIG stereotype in your head.

Eli Lilly a dit…

If you think Uff is Bang-in, you really need to check your head... this stuff is rap for beginners...

dyz a dit…

i agree with eli lilly
uffie's lyrics and flow are just so basic my 10 years old cousin could write them.
the things that make the difference are the beats, like she says she's gotta a dj like oh!... thanks feadz...

Anonyme a dit…

Uffie is awesome..i wish i could find where to download Ready to Uff.. there is no CD of uffie out here in Thailand...can anyone out here help please???


Anonyme a dit…

try using limewire.

Sarah a dit…

THAT'S the point! She's this fresh clean little uffie who you can't even touch!

I love her so much! Don't hate the singer. She beat the beats.