10 juillet 2006

Tape loop

Rendez vous chez Filles Sourires, blog francophile dont on ne dira jamais assez de bien, pour ma tentative de réhabilitation de la craquante Kelly Joyce.

Et suite ci-dessous des mixes ‘oldies but goodies’ avec quelques sélections des morceaux plus ou moins cultes, avant quelques vraies nouveautés dans la semaine, c’est promis.

That 70’s mix

Heart – Crazy on you
Steppenwolf – Magic carpet ride
Can – I want more
Roy Ayers – Everybody loves the sunshine
Fela Kuti – Colonial mentality
Stranglers – Peaches
Elvis Costello – Watching the detectives
Nina Hagen – African reggae
Clash – Guns of Brixton
Jimmy Cliff – The harder they come
Gil Scott-Heron – The revolution will not be televised
Talking Heads – Psycho killer
Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft
Flying Lizards – Money
Funkadelic – One nation under a groove
Blondie – Heart of glass
Chic – Everybody dance
David Bowie – DJ
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly
Stevie Wonder – Boogie on reggae woman
Augustus Pablo – King Tubby meets the uptown rocker
Jonathan Richman – Egyptian reggae
The Cats – Swan lake
Paul Simon – 50 ways to leave your lover
Jeanette – Porque te vas

Eighties delight

Maars – Pump up the volume
ESG – Ufo
B 52’s – Mesopotamia
Taxi Girl – Chercher le garçon
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
Madonna – Into the groove
Cameo – Word up
Run Dmc – It’s tricky
Rolling Stones – Undercover of the night
Prince – Raspberry beret
Duran Duran – Girls on film
Shannon – Let the music play
Salt ‘n’ pepa – Push it
Liquid Liquid – Optimo
A certain ratio – Do the du
Selecter – On my radio
Jam – A town called Malice
Madness – Baggy trousers
Specials – Ghost town
Ofra Haza – Im nin alu
Don Henley – Boys of summer
Gary Numan – Cars
Isabelle Adjani – Pull marine
Siouxsie and the banshees – Happy house
New Order – Age of consent
Housemartins – Happy hour
Smiths – Panic
Chemise – She can’t love you
Flash and the pan – Walkin in the rain

Check out at the great Filles Sourires a short feature about the lovely Kelly Joyce.
And grab these new mixes full of oldies but goodies, following the 60’s selection posted before.
Real new stuff to come, I promise.

6 commentaires:

changaili a dit…

bah ton mix 80's a l'air de déchirer sa race môôdiiteu, y a même Siouxsie, hé!

j'vais pouvoir m'éclater dessus, avec le phare de Planier en guise de poursuite et les grillons comme fans...

Guuzbourg a dit…

My interested in Siouxsie was refueled by the movie Marie-Antoinette. Happy House is great! Thanks for the link, too.

vladigital a dit…

tres bonne selection mais on dirai que c'est mixé avec iTunes ce qui gache un peu le plaisir,dommage

lekin a dit…


your eighties delight mix is no longer available :(

could you upload it anywhere else?

Anonyme a dit…

The tunes are fantastic on the 70's mix but the actual mixing is horrible! Or its it not supposed to be mixed? :)

MisterBlog a dit…

Pardon my software :)

You can pick the songs and do a proper mix if you want...